We have developed web applications for the government of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Project Management System


Project description

Client: Shirdi Sai Electricals

URL: Project Monitoring System

PMS is one of the most advanced application built in the field of electrical distribution sector. This is an ERP type application used by SSEL to monitor their projects. It is a consolidated application which can be used by SSEL's Purchasing, planning, billing and warehousing department to keep a track of their activities and carry them out in a more smooth and strategic manner.

The Problems

The solutions

The PMS app contains four modules: Purchasing, warehousing, planning and billing. Each app is designed to enable the company to carry out the required work systematically with the help of the automated systematically 1. Purchasing- Helps in vendor registration, vendor finalization with the help of sending enquiries, adding quotations and comparing them. After finalizing the vendor, a purchase order is sent which leads to inspection, dispatch and procurement of the material without an haste. 2. Planning- This module is used to add activities related to supply and erection. After which a budget is prepared for each project. Once the budget is prepared a tab to generate the bill of quantity report is present. Subsequently, the indent is raised with the help of the indent tab and upload it.