Core Team

A competent work force is they key to a competent company. Pixelvide's team is a group of tech fanatic individuals who believe that technology is the best possible answer to any given problem. The core team has an innovative solution to the most complex issues. They are dedicated towards solving issues in real time.

We believe that because of the outreach web has, it is the most reliable source of making the world a better place with fewer problems. We think, change that is for good should never be overlooked. Thus, with extensive web knowledge and quick learning capacity we work towards building web-enabled procedures among the masses. Unity is our strength. We compliment each other's talents to serve you with the best!

Prathyush Reddy
Prathyush Reddy

"Evolution, the single most important thing you should really care about."

Michelle White
Aashritha Sreepathi
Operations Head

"Be the badass that you know you are."

Scott Sanchez
Tejesh Babu
Senior Programmer

Code is an adventure. The more you dig into it the better it gets."

Henry Kolms
Yogesh Kumar

"You live only once but you do it "bug free" once is just enough"

Henry Kolms
Tejaswi Kanuri
Senior Web Developer

"Do not look back, you are not going that way!"

Henry Kolms
Vikram Narasimha
Senior Tester

"Goals are dreams with deadlines"

Henry Kolms
Praneeth Kalluri
Senior Develeoper