About us

PIXELVIDE presents a platform to cater to the needs of people and companies in an era where web applications have taken over conventional systems and ways. We implement latest technology to solve the problems faced by our clients through strategic, planned and creative management. Our divisions include Projects and Products, former being customized and latter being ready-to-use which can solve the existing conventional problems.

We are a team of young, innovative and dedicated individuals who believe the fact that the web can change the world because of its ability to reach even the most remote locations. Ever-evolving attitude, quick learning capacity and updated knowledge are our attributes that help us reach our goals of delivering efficient, accurate and reliable solutions to problems.

The Core Team

Prathyush Reddy
Co-founder, CEO
Aashritha Sreepathi
Tejesh Babu
Head R&D
Yogesh Kumar

Tejaswi Kanuri
Senior Developer
Vikram Narasimha
Senior Tester